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A:POD are one of those bands who appropriate so many diverse genres of music into their repertoire that they defy classification. The vocal work is a cross between the hostility of Punk and the urban rhetoric of Hip-Hop. The lyrical content is political, nonsensical, rhythmical and purely instrumental. The barrage of sounds, ideas, and random lexicon stagger the mind. Musically, electronics are used for the core of the composition, most specifically, percussion of all shapes and forms. Random guitar fuzz and keyboard warbles sever into the mix like a catastrophic auto accident. "A Product of Discord" explain this album in a way I never could. :a~POD pillage and ransack modern musical culture for their own nefarious purposes that never become stagnant.

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Noisebrothel, A:POD Split - HO-001
Massive Record source
3 prefuse 73-esque headnod hip hop heavy breakcore styled tracks from shift(aka target market reseach of history of the future fame) on the a side.flip to the b side for more dirty hip hop styled breakcore and one downtempo cut reminscent of amon experimental goodness from minneapolis,

Noisebrothel -
Toolbox Ltd 02

Review By -J. Krause – History Of The Future
Noisebrothel is just the joint for a certain type of listener out there. A certain type of out there listener. One who’s looking for something to get ‘em tingling in both body and mind. It’s just the joint.
But it’s not “just the joint” that’s making you so flushed and sweath, soooo eager to grind and shake it, baby! It’s the way The Jealous Jester licks his lyrical lips, teasing you with the hypnotic verse he whispers with a confidence and force unheard of when you knew him in A:POD.
And what’s that behind him? The throbbing and bouncing thing he’s riding? You can feel it and it’s driving you crazy! It’s the beats and bass of Shift aka Target Market Research. You admired his musical prowess firsthand when you grabbed his 12” on the History of the futurE label, then shivered from the sweet quickie he gave you at the Peace Off! Kamikaze Club.
Now the duo are available and all yours for the evening’s entertainment. Need I say that the increased potency of taking these two on at the same time will lift you to higher levels of pleasure than you’ve ever experienced before?

A:POD / NOISEBROTHEL » (Toolbox Records)
Les rythmiques du hip-hop de sous-sol de Jealous Jester (accompagné de Shift dans le cadre du projet Noisebrothel) se brûlent les ailes sur les façades aveuglantes des tours de Babel économique qui poussent en surface. Compositions aux couteaux pour un final en noir et lumière, Jealous marche sur les braises du dernier Dälek, ramassant les carcasses de guitares électrifiées pour en faire des barricades. Corps brûlants et voix habitées, le duo hante les fréquences hertziennes et les lignes numériques, martyrise les rythmiques hip-hop dans une surenchère de filtres parasites. Litanie obsédante et fragile, ambiances sombres et spirituelles, un univers aux résonances lourdes rappelant certaines production d'Alias.

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Black Pudding - XBP-001
Raw, experimental hip-hop. Freestyle vocals, dub production techniques, and a lo-fi vibe that favors emotion and urgency over the glossed and sterilized sound that is so common these days. Fans of Company Flow, New Kingdom, Old Dirty Bastard, Dalek and Techno Animal/ICE will surely enjoy this collection of chaotic, funky soundscapes and brilliantly deranged vocals

~J futurE -- History of the futurE
The raw approach of Black Pudding's hip-hop wasn't developed by looking over their shoulder to check on what all the other producers are doing. In their sci-fi world, everything's inverted: you whisper from the basement to your brother upstairs, but shout your tonsils out at the fella sitting across the table. A spin of this record invites every off-center cartoon villain in a three-mile radius over for a game of strip poker in your brain. These tapes must have been in a box that fell off the moving van when Wordsound/Black Hoodz relocated from Brooklyn. Once you finderz, you'll want to keeperz

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